Kylie Jenner Gets Brutally Trolled for Her Recent Bootylicious Instagram Picture: Trending Topics, Viral Videos and Funny Memes of The Day

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Kylie recently posted a bootilicious picture and it is all kinds of hot but she is not surprisingly getting brutally trolled for the same things all over again. people are calling her out for plastic surgery, butt implants and having her butt size photoshopped. Read more: Kylie Jenner Gets Brutally Trolled for Her Recent Bootylicious Instagram Picture; Followers Call Her Out for Getting Butt Implants. Check pic:
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A devastating picture of an African elephant captured by documentary filmmaker Justin Sullivan shows the sad reality of poaching in Botswana. Read more: Horrifying Picture of African Elephant's Severed Trunk and Tusk From Botswana Shows The Grim Reality of Poaching.Check The Shocking Picture of Poached African Elephant:

UP Police's Twitter handle that goes by the name @up100 on Twitter has taken the FaceApp challenge as well, and it is all about sending across a vital message. The FaceApp challenge taken by UP police reminds you of how your face would look after you meet with an accident if you don't wear a helmet. UP Police Takes the FaceApp Challenge With an Important Road Safety Message (Check Tweet.)Check tweet:

A video of a bhajan(hymn) singer getting drowned in currency notes thrown at her by the bhaktas (devotees) is going viral on Twitter. The video captures how people throwing an unfathomable amount of money at her and it is making people want the Income Tax people to have a look.Watch video:

An old video has resurfaced online on the eve of moon landing's 50th anniversary. The video shows Buzz Aldrin, the second man to step on the moon following Neil Armstrong packing a punch on filmmaker Bart Sibrel who questioned the moon landing. Sibrel asked Aldrin to swear on a Bible and even called him a liar.Watch the video here:

A wife in China got so enraged after a fight with her husband that she got out of the car at the signal and climbed atop. The wife was captured stamping her feet in rage on the car roof. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. Read the entire story here

An interesting hashtag is trending on Twitter, asking people to teach something just using five words. Using few words to express more is always a challenge and the #TeachSomethingIn5Words is getting some interesting and some funny entries too.Check some teachings on Twitter:

If you love following dog accounts on social media then you must follow Puddin, a dog who has lost both his eyes due to negligence. The pup was found neglected with an eye infection, but despite losing both the eyes, the enthusiasm of this pooch stayed. The dog has now become an Instagram celebrity with close to 60,000 followers. Check Pics of Puddin:
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While it may be a lazy Sunday morning for some, others who are up and about have shared some beautiful and positive quotes on Twitter to begin the day. So #SundayThoughts and #SundayMotivation are the top trends on social media site right now.Check Some #SundayMotivation and #SundayThoughts:

It is Sunday, a day of rest and relaxation. Most people laze in their homes and take rest on this one day off from all chores and work. On a Sunday, getting out of the house seems a task in itself unless its absolutely necessary. So Sunday Motivation is already trending on social media. Each day people share positive quotes to pass on good vibes to their friends and followers. #SundayMotivation, #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning are the top trends on microblogging site Twitter. In this section, we will get you all the trending topics, funny memes and viral videos that are being shared online.

Coming to the other things that are happening on the internet, it is so easy to stay connected with other parts of the world. Thanks to the reach and accessibility of social media, you have so much information along with a twist of fun to read, like or share. From funny jokes, viral videos, trends to memes everything is created and shared along with the world in just a few clicks. So be it Area 51 raid or the new event of Storming into the Bermuda Triangle, we will help you keep a tab on all that is trending.

And there is just so much happening around the world. Some stories are so bizarre that they ought to be shared. Today, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit etc have become places where you find so many interesting stories. It can get difficult to keep a tab of all those. So we will also try and get you the funny, interesting and entertaining stories from around the world. We will try and cover it here. Stay tuned with us.

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