Woman’s Boobs Left Exposed After She Ordered a Ripped Crop Top from Online Retail Store PrettyLittleThing, View Pic
Womans boobs left exposed after online fashion fail. (Photo Credits: Lucy Anderson/Twitter)

Online shopping can be fun but also turn into a nightmare when your order looks exactly opposite in reality from what you saw on your desktop. One needs to be vigilant especially when calling for clothes. But in a recent fashion blunder, a shopper was distressed after her order from online fashion site Pretty Little Thing left her boobs exposed. Ripped jeans and tops are in trend right now but the top she ordered left her in splits. Lucy Anderson-Roberts, 27, had bought a black cropped top hoping to pair it with high-waisted trousers. Sonakshi Sinha Gets Garbage Instead of Headphones from Amazon - View Pic.

Lucy, a resident from Bath, Somerset, called for a 5-pound t-shirt and when she tried it on, the slashes in it left her nipples exposed instead of exposing her midriff as advertised on the retailer’s website. As reported in Daily Mail, Lucy said, “I saw it in the sale a while ago and thought it would go great with a pair of high-waisted trousers I have. Before I’d put it on I noticed that it wasn’t quite right. The gaps weren’t in the right place. I tried it on anyway and took a photo to send to my boyfriend. We were cracking up about it.” This Denim Thong That Shows Your Whole Bum Is the Latest in Nearly-Naked Bizarre Denim Fashion (See Pics).

Online Fashion Fail Leaves Woman’s Boobs Exposed in Ripped Crop Top

Lucy also said, “I thought it was really funny, but it does need to be raised because it’s a bit annoying that I can’t wear the top. It’s meant to be a crop top style with that extra detail going along the middle area. It’s a size 12 as well.” In response to Lucy’s complaint, a spokesperson for Pretty Little Thing said, “Should Lucy get in contact with our customer service team, which she hasn’t so far, we will process a refund and it’s not something we’ll be restocking.”