The Indian Street Premier League (ISPL) T10 2024 tournament is the latest entrant to the world of cricket and it got underway with a fascinating opening ceremony involving some big names from the world of cricket as well as the entertainment industry. The new tournament, which is to be played in T10 format, is meant to provide a platform for budding cricketers to showcase their skills at a big platform so that they come into the limelight and get an opportunity to make it big. All the matches of the inaugural edition of the tournament would be played at the Dadoji Kondadev Stadium in Thane, Mumbai. On Which Channel ISPL 2024 Will Be Telecast Live in India? How To Watch Indian Street Premier League T10 Cricket Tournament Live Streaming Online?

Fans might be wondering what the rules of this tournament would be, especially with the word 'Street' in the name. A total of six teams--Majhi Mumbai, Srinagar Ke Veer, Bangalore Strikers, Falcon Risers, Tigers of Kolkata and Chennai Singhams, owned by several big names in the Bollywood industry would be competing for the title. Let us take a look at the rules, regulations and format in detail of this tournament. ISPL 2024 Schedule: Get Fixtures, Time Table With Match Timings in IST and Venue Details of Indian Street Premier League Inaugural Season.

ISPL T10 2024 Rules and Regulations

The ISPL is not just cricket's newest entrant but it has also introduced quite a few innovative concepts. Let us take a look at them.

Tip-Top Toss: The toss for the tournament has been given a unique name with the coining of the term inspired by street cricket. For those who are familiar with street cricket rules, this is a no-brainer.

Powerplay rules: Just like any game in the limited-overs' formats, the first few overs are mandatory powerplays. In case of the ISPL, the mandatory powerplay would be of two overs and one over would be the batting powerplay. For the mandatory powerplay, only two fielders will be allowed outside the 30-yard circle. In case of the batting powerplay, it would be three fielders outside the circle. The batting powerplay of one over has to be taken between overs 3-9.

Super Over: Just like in case of a T20 match, a Super Over would be played if both teams finish with the same score. This should continue as long as there is a winner.

9 Street Runs: It is a unique concept introduced through this tournament wherein if the ball goes over the fence and lands among the audience, nine runs would be awarded to the batting team, instead of just a six in regular cricket.

50-50 Over: A captain of a particular team would have to pick five bowlers from his playing XI who can bowl this over during an innings. In a 50-50 over, one team sets a particular score and the other team has to chase it down. If a team fails to chase it down, then there's a deduction from the final score. It was seen in the exhibition match between Masters XI and Khiladi XI wherein Masters XI failed to chase down a target of 16 runs in the 50-50 over. As a result, seven runs were deducted from the total.

Tape-Ball Over: While the whole match would be played with a tennis ball, one or a maximum of two overs out of the 10 would have to be bowled with a tape ball. A tape ball is nothing but a tennis ball that is covered with tape. Such balls produce the same amount of swing in the air as a normal ball used in cricket. However, a tape-ball over cannot be used for a 50-50 over. What is Tape Ball Cricket? Know All About The Type of Tennis Ball Used in ISPL T10 2024 Cricket Tournament.

A maximum of five fielders would be allowed to field outside the circle during the non-powerplay overs. Each team cannot be allowed to have five fielders as a maximum on the leg side and two behind the popping crease when a ball is being bowled.

Playing XI and Substitutions: Each team can be allowed to pick two substitutes during one match. The injured player can be replaced by one who went unsold from the same zone as the player he is replacing. Every team in the inaugural ISPL can have 16 players maximum out of which a playing XI has to be made which includes one player each from the North, South, East, West and Central zones. Besides these, a player whose age is under 19, will also have to be picked in the XI.

ISPL T10 2024 Format

As the name suggests, the format is T10, which is the latest innovation in limited-overs cricket. Fans might already be used to watching matches in this format with there being several T10 tournaments so far. The tournament will run from March 6 and the final will be played on March 15.

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