Mumbai, March 5: Google's Gemini AI has been in talks for days because of its controversial image generation and wrongly representing historical figures. Google's AI Chatbot has been called out by others, saying it promoted 'wokeism' and 'racism'. Google paused Gemini AI's image generation capability after it generated wrong historical images of the founding fathers of the US and called the Prime Minister of India a 'fascist' among other things. 

According to the report by NDTV, Google co-founder Sergey Brin opened up and acknowledged that the Gemini AI, Google's most capable model, made errors. Sergey Brin reportedly said. "we definitely messed up on the image generation". The report said that the Google co-founder admitted errors in the image generation aspects of the Gemini AI model. Parag Agrawal Sues Elon Musk: Former Twitter CEO Sues Billionaire for Over USD 128 Million in Severance, Tesla CEO Responds With Emoji.

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin at the AGI House (Watch Video):

The report said that Sergey Brin added that the errors were caused primarily due to the AI chatbot not having thorough testing. He reportedly said that Google's AI chatbot "upset a lot of people" for good reasons. Google's CEO Sundar Pichai also admitted the errors of the Gemini AI and said they will work to improve the overall image generation capabilities. 

Google's newly launched Gemini AI-generated images were racially diverse and gave wrong representations of black people and Nazis. The report said that Sergey Brin said that the unintentional bias results in the non-white images of prompts of Adolf Hitler, the pop, and medieval Viking warriors. He said that the trajectory of AI is so exciting, and the technology is still a "work in progress". Jeff Bezos vs Elon Musk: Amazon Founder Overtakes Tesla CEO as World's Richest Person on Billionaire Wealth List.

The report said he compared the Gemini AI's errors to potential issues in other LLMs. He added that by deeply testing ChatGPT or Grok AI, even they will say some pretty weird things. According to him, AI has an optimistic future despite these setbacks.

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