Instagram Has New 'Secret' Commenting Feature And It's Not For Everyone!

Photo-sharing social application Instagram has become so popular among everyone today. Budding or professional photographers, models, bloggers or any artist, the application is a great platform for everyone to share their talent. Over time Instagram has also adopted several features from other applications and made changes to its userface. But with the latest update, they have a feature which peeks more into the customer engagement dynamics. Instagram has introduced a secret commenting feature.

With this feature, one can add a comment on a particular post only after they have viewed it for more than 5 seconds. So if you happen to just scroll down on the feed, you may not even notice. But if a particular post grabs your attention, you will look at it for some time more intently. It is then you will see an ‘add comment’ dialog box down there.

This secret commenting feature is an important highlight since it concentrates on a user’s interaction with the post. This is especially beneficial for consumer brand products out there. If your product/ scheme’s photo has managed to grab enough attention then the comment section appears. It is a sign that your consumer now would like to engage. There are chances that someone would make a comment after they see the dialog box appear.

You could try this yourself but ensure you have the application’s latest update installed. Scroll through your feed and stop at any post for more than 5 seconds, you can see the comment section appear. In a way, this feature could also limit the useless comments that seem to flood the section unnecessarily.

While it may seem a small move, this secret commenting feature reflects more into how the social platform is building on its engagement. While it introduced stories, then filters and keeps on updating with the seasonal stickers, it is also giving its users a chance to build on their engagement healthily.