Japan has reportedly set a new world record for the fastest internet speed. Researchers at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology achieved a transmission demonstration data rate of 319 Terabytes per second. This speed is almost double of the last fastest recorded internet speed which is 178 Tbps, held by researchers from the University College of London. In addition to this, researchers have also produced 957 petabits per second x kilometre, setting a world record for optical fibres. Massive Global Internet Outage: Services Being Restored After Huge Internet Shutdown Hits Popular Websites, Including Leading News Portals.

Researchers of Japan have successfully transferred data at a speed of 319 Tbps. With this internet speed, 57,000 full-length movies can be downloaded in a second or the entire Spotify library in under 3 seconds. As per a report, researchers used the existing optical fibre infrastructure to achieve this speed and this method can be integrated into fibre optic infrastructure with minimum effort.

As per last year's report, the highest mobile broadband recorded speed was around 100 Mbps. Hong Kong reportedly had an internet speed of 210.73 Mbps and Romania had 194.47 Mbps. India recorded an internet speed of 38.19 Mbps when it comes to fixed broadband and 12.6 Mbps in the case of mobile broadband.

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