New Delhi, July 2: Meta has announced updates on labelling AI-generated photos on its social media platforms. In response to user confusion, Meta is replacing the “Made with AI” label with a new “AI Info” label. The change affects photos on both Facebook and Instagram, aiming to clarify when artificial intelligence has been used. By making this adjustment, Meta hopes to provide a clearer understanding for users about the use of AI in generating content. The update reflects Meta's effort to address concerns from both users and content creators.

As per a report of Times Now, Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, listens to advice from the Oversight Board, a team of independent experts who look at how content is managed. The goal is to be more open and clear, dealing with altered media without limiting freedom of speech. Meta Marked Real Photos As ‘Made With AI’ on Instagram and Facebook, Company Spokesperson Said Would Evaluate Approach: Reports.

The change to “AI Info” is expected to have a positive impact on both users and photographers. Users will have a clearer understanding of the role AI plays in the content they see, allowing them to make more informed decisions about what they view and share. The new label for photographers is likely to ensure the representation of their work and reduce the cases of mistaking real photos from AI-generated pictures.

Meta admitted that the old labels often did not meet users expectations and did not give enough context. Small edits using AI tools, like retouching, were often incorrectly labelled as fully AI-generated. One big reason for the change is feedback from photographers. They said their original photos were being wrongly labelled as "Made with AI" on Instagram. Meta Purged Over 21 Million Pieces of Bad Content on Facebook and Instagram in India in May.

The problem was pointed out by several photographers, including former White House photographer Pete Souza, who said they could not uncheck the "Made with AI" label even when using basic retouching tools. The new "AI info" label will likely help to make things clearer, as when users click on it, they can find out more information about the content.

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