Over 30000 PUBG Player Accounts Suspended From Online Game For Cheating - Report
PUBG Game (Photo Credits: Twitter)

We previously reported that PUBG Corporation has started rolling out the new Vikendi Snow Map update for the PUBG Mobile users. With the new update (version - 0.10.0), the company not only brought new snow map but also worked on security features as well. Bringing some strict rules into the game, the security features to report suspicious accounts. The update follows PUBG Corp's huge crackdown of more than 30,000 fraudulent player accounts. PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map Update Rolling Out Tonight on Android & iOS Platform; Here's How You Can Download The Game.

As per the report from Newsweek, company's new security features as well as BattleEye algorithms assisted the company to detect these fraudulent accounts. The company banned over 30,000 player accounts take used methods such as Radar Hacking to win games and competition. PUBG Wins Best Game of 2018 Title on Google Play! Haven’t You Downloaded It Yet?

Radar hacking technology is basically a method employed by users to get server information and collect that data to an external device using Virtual Private Network (VPN). This process allows the fraudulent players to see positions of all the players on a secondary device that made easier for them to win the game.

The report further highlighted that these hacks were carried out by the users participating in the PUBG Mobile's e-sport competitions in Europe and North America. Taking stern actions against them, PUBG Corp managed to take down several suspicious accounts. PUBG on Playstation 4: All you need to know, Price, Features, Maps.

After the crackdown, several players and accounts acknowledged that their accounts were suspended from the game. One of the popular users whose account has been suspended is 'TEXQS' Ozdemir of Pittsburgh Knights. The user has already won around $36,000 in prizes in last one year. Until full investigation, the user account will remain suspended confirmed the group.