The penumbral lunar eclipse June 2020 is expected to occur on June 5, Friday. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, which casts a shadow over the Moon. The June lunar eclipse is also called 'Strawberry Moon Eclipse' as it occurred during the time of year when he fruits ripened. It is also known as Rose Moon and the Honey Moon. The lunar eclipse will be visible from different countries around the world. However, in most places, it may appear pale. It is called Chandra Grahan in Hindi. As the lunar eclipse nears, we bring to you the list of continents and some others from where the celestial event will be visible. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Date and Time in India: Know When and How to Watch the Upcoming Strawberry Moon Eclipse

In India, the lunar eclipse will start on June 5 at 11:15 pm IST and reach the maximum eclipse at 12:54 am on June 6. The penumbral eclipse will end at 2:34 am. The total duration of the second penumbral lunar eclipses of 2020 will be three hours and 18 minutes. For those wanting to watch the eclipse from their home, the moon may appear very pale. June 2020 Lunar Eclipse FAQs: ‘What Time Is the Lunar Eclipse 2020? To ‘What Is the Time for Lunar Eclipse in India?’ Most Asked Questions on the Celestial Event

The lunar eclipse will be visible from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica. For those in Asia, Australia, Europe, or Africa the Strawberry Moon appear a shade darker during the maximum phase of this penumbral lunar eclipse.  Lunar Eclipse 2020 Date and Time: Know Everything About Penumbral Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse and How to Watch This Chandra Grahan.

List of Cities And Countries Where Lunar Eclipse Will Be Visible

Johannesburg, South Africa

Yangon, Myanmar

Lagos, Nigeria

New Delhi, India

Bangkok, Thailand

Cairo, Egypt

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jakarta, Jakarta Special Capital Region, Indonesia

Budapest, Hungary

Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Ankara, Turkey

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Athens, Greece

Rome, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China

Madrid, Spain

Paris, France

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

London, England, United Kingdom

2020 shall witness four penumbral lunar eclipses, out of which the first one took place between January 10 to January 11. Of the other two, one lunar eclipse will occur in July and the last lunar eclipse of the year will occur in November. These two eclipses will also be penumbral ones.

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