What is Nuclear Pasta And Know What Makes it The Strongest Material in The Universe, Watch Video
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Our entire universe is so wide that it is beyond measure. There are so many complex particles that are present in the universe that scientific researchers keep studying and deriving something new. Now a new analysis has discovered 'nuclear pasta', which is the strongest material in the entire universe. The high density of this degenerated matter from neutron stars makes it the strongest. It gets it name because the shape resembles the famous Italian food item pasta. To understand more about this we need to clear a few concepts. What Is the Big Bang Theory? Know All About Astronomer Georges Lemaitre's 'Universe is Expanding' Concept. 

What is a Neutron Star? 

A neutron star is a celestial object with high density. It is small in size and composed of neutron particles which are close to each other. A mass of a neutron star is 1.4 times of a sun. They are formed due to particles from a supernova – degeneration or death of a star. Even within a neutron star, there are varieties depending upon their composing materials. A Nuclear Pasta as it named is the material inside a neutron star.

Know More About Nuclear Pasta:

A neutron star is made up of different layers of distorted matter. Researchers say the shape of this resembles the various types of pasta thus each layer is named after a type of pasta. So at the surface, there is gnocchi, round bubble-like neutrons. At a litter deeper level, the pressure is more so the neutrons are shaped into long tubes, thus called spaghetti. At the inner level, there are sheets of neutrons which are named lasagna. These layers are still not all that makes a neutron star.

Watch a video about Nuclear Pasta:

The density of nuclear pasta makes it 10 times stronger than steel. It is thus till date, the most durable material known. This nuclear pasta has matter densities of 1014g/cm3 . A nuclear pasta exists in the inner crusts of a neutron star, ultradense matter at the core.

Check all types of Nuclear Pasta:

The new study is published in the journal Physical Review LettersThe team of researchers made computer simulations to test the strength of nuclear pasta and determined the neutron-star conditions. It said that to destroy a nuclear pasta, it could take about 10 billion times the force needed to shatter steel.