Updated Google Maps Desktop Version Now Has A 3D Globe Mode View
Google 3D Globe Mode

The search engine giant Google has updated its Maps application for the browser version. The new update enables the user to view the map as a 3D globe when you try to zoom out. Earlier, Google Maps used a 2D Mercator projection, which displayed the world as a flat surface.

Currently, the 3D Globe Mode is only available on the desktop Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers. Whereas for the Android and iOS platforms, the update for the Maps app is yet to be rolled out. Google Makes it Easier to Find Relevant Data in Search.

Earlier, when Maps was on the 2D Mercator projection, which depicted the earth as a flat surface, it distorted the size of the countries that were farther from the equator. With the new 3D Globe Mode on Google Maps desktop, Google tweeted that “Greenland's projection is no longer the size of Africa”.

Only last week Google introduced a new feature on its Maps application, wherein users can share their battery life percentage display while sharing their location with recipient. Google also added a new functionality called Match for the iOS users. This new function will help users browse through a selection of restaurants curated by the app according to the user’s previous restaurant visits and reviews.