DigiLocker is a digital initiative launched by the Government of India, which was launched in the year 2015 by PM Narendra Modi. This programme is a National Digital Locker system that can be employed not in storing your important documents but also sharing and verifying the same. With this cloud-based platform, the users can access their essential & vital documents on the go from anywhere and anytime via smartphone devices. Driving Licence, RC Presented, Other Car Papers Through DigiLocker or MParivahan Platforms Must be Accepted: Centre to States.

How to create a DigiLocker Account?

To sign up for DigiLocker, the user will have to visit the official website - digilocker.gov.in. On the extreme right side of the page, the user needs to click on sign up button, which will be directed to a sign-up page. Now, the user will be required to authenticate his/her mobile number which will be done by the means of OTP (One Time Password). The user will receive an OTP on his mobile number that will be required in for filling up details like Username & password followed which the DigiLocker account will be created.

Once the account is successfully created, the users can voluntarily add Aadhaar number for availing additional services of the platform. Digital Aadhaar, Driving Licence From DigiLocker Acceptable as Valid ID Proof For Passengers in Indian Railways.

How to upload documents on DigiLocker?

For uploading documents on DigiLocker, the user needs to visit the official website. Once the complete website loads, the users need to click on 'Sign in' option provided on the top-right end.

Further on, the user will be required to fill up details like Username & password. However, the user can also fill-up Aadhaar number for verifying the sign-in procedure. Adding convenience to the platform, the users can also sign-in via other mediums such as Facebook and Google.

Once logged into the DigiLocker account, the user will be directed to a dashboard page of the cloud-based platform. For uploading documents on DigiLocker, the user needs to click on 'Uploaded Documents', and the same page will be selected. Users can either upload the document directly or can create a new folder for added convenience. Digital Format of Driving Licence & Other Documents Stored on Digi Locker to be Accepted, Proposes Maharashtra Government.

The platform can also be used for e-sign the documents for which the user needs to upload the document and click on the 'e-sign' button, which will appear automatically post uploading the document.

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