Last Friday, Zack Snyder’s Army of The Dead finally dropped on Netflix and received good response from fans for doing something new with the zombie genre. While some of the criticism was aimed towards the story beats, everyone was on the same page about how good the action was and how the characters had a lot of heart and how surprisingly emotional it was towards the end. Army of the Dead: Was Huma Qureshi’s Death Scene Cut Short By Recasting Decision in Zack Snyder’s Film?

Now with all zombie films, you get a lot of gruesome but amazing deaths and Army of The Dead is again no exception. The movie is very violent and bloody and surely leaves a mark with its excessive gore with deaths ranging from a heroic end to straight up gnarly. So here are seven of the best deaths in Zack Snyder’s Army of The Dead: 

*Warning: Army of The Dead spoilers follow*

The Soldiers

A Still From Army of the Dead

Played By: Extras

Army of The Dead begins with an amazing sequence showing a military convoy carrying a classified box, which is then opened up due to a car accident involving newly-wed couples driving on the wrong side of the road and crashing into the convoy. The box itself is sent flying into the air and opened up while the soldiers decide what they should do with it and are given the order of staying away from the box. This is when we get our first glimpse at the new smart zombies as he wreaks absolute havoc on the remainder of the convoy and kills every soldier there showcasing the strength of it. It's followed by an amazing montage showing how Las Vegas falls to the zombie apocalypse. Army of the Dead or Dawn of the Dead – Which Is Your Favourite Zack Snyder Zombie Movie? Vote Now.


Nora Arnezeder in Army of the Dead

Played By: Nora Arnezeder

Lily at the end of the film is impaled with a metal pipe by the zombie leader Zeus as Scott and Peters try to escape with a helicopter. In an effort to buy them time Lily stops Zeus in his tracks as she reveals that she is holding the severed head of the zombie queen which startles Zeus. While our heroes escape Lily drops The Queen’s head from the third floor of the casino building which before succumbing to her death, this sends Zeus into a fit of rage as he then goes on the chase the helicopter with the remainder of the zombies.


Samantha Win in Army of the Dead

Played By: Samantha Win

In a tense scene involving hibernating zombies, Scott tries to make a path for the group by leaving down glow sticks for them to follow. When Chambers accuses Martin of having ulterior motives, he diverts her off the path which results in her accidentally waking up the zombies. This then leads to a fun shoot out where Samantha gets to show off her skills, as she takes down zombies left and right. Alas she is quickly overpowered by them and Guzman has to make the hard decision of shooting the gas tank on her back, which he does, killing both Chambers and the Zombies In the explosion. The scene itself is nicely filmed as you see the horror on Chambers face as she quickly accepts her death and Guzman having to shoot her best friend in an effort to save the others.


Richard Cetrone in Army of the Dead

Played By: Richard Cetrone

In the final face-off between Zeus and Scott we find them battling in a helicopter while trying to escape the nuke that’s deployed off to Las Vegas in an effort to kill all the zombies present there. Scott is quickly overpowered by Zeus and gets bitten by him. We then see Kate try to distract Zeus while Scott quickly grabs the gun and shoots a bullet straight through Zeus’s head as the helicopter goes down. The scene is brutal in its execution as we see the bullet go through Zeus' head in slow motion as it explodes into little pieces of meat.


Raúl Castillo in Army of the Dead

Played By: Raúl Castillo

When the team is ambushed by Zeus’s zombie army at the casino, in an effort to make it out alive with the money Scott, Lily and Guzman the remaining survivors try to escape off the roof where Peters is waiting for them in a helicopter. Guzman quickly is then swarmed by Zombies and injured, he blows himself up with all the grenades attached to him killing the zombies and destroying the money he had as well.


Garret Dillahunt in Army of the Dead

Played By: Garret Dillahunt

After betraying the team and locking them down in the basement Martin tries escaping the hotel with The Queens head as that’s worth a fortune to Tanaka. When he steps outside he discovers that unbeknownst to him Lily stole the head from his bag and is then ambushed by Valentine the zombie tiger. She mauls him to death and the scene itself is very brutal as you see Martin's face getting disfigured and it’s a bit satisfying seeing as he got what he deserved for betraying the team.


Dave Bautista in Army of the Dead

Played By: Dave Bautista

At the end of the film after the battle with Zeus in the helicopter where Scott gets bitten by him, the helicopter crashes. Kate who survives quickly finds her dad among the rubble of the crashed helicopter, and in a really touching father daughter moment, Scott tells Kate to shoot him as he doesn’t want to turn into a zombie as well. As his transformation begins Kate finally shoots him in the head falling to the ground crying as she loses her father. The scene is really emotional and surprising as the main lead himself is killed off and just shows the risks that the movie is willing to take.

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