Do dreams have a deeper meaning? There are many common things that all of us often dreamt about and wondered if they had any connection to our real lives. Do dreams really have hidden meanings? Google US recently revealed how the search interest in sleep, dream and insomnia are higher now than at any time in Google search history. Many sleep questions popped out on the search boxes, and so were dreams and its possible interpretations. From ‘What does it mean to dream about your ex?’ to seeing snakes in dreams and others, in this article, we bring you top five dreams and what they supposedly mean.

1. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

When you have a dream about someone, it is important to remember what exactly happens in your dream to understand what it means. According to studies, when you dream about someone, it is a sign that you desire their approval or attention. This is likely caused by the fact that you are not engaging with your advances or ignoring you. It also could be the sign of you deeply missing someone. Saw Moon in Your Dreams? Know The Meaning And Interpretation of Seeing the Celestial Body While Sleeping. 

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2. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Your Ex?

Relationships and breaking up is extremely difficult for everyone. People take it differently and struggle to move on. Whether your breakup ended amicably or left you unglued, your exam is ‘back.’ So, what does it mean if your former flame keeps appearing to invade your slumber? Dream analysts put down different reasons behind various dreams about an ex. It could be because your subconscious is trying to help you get through the breakup. If you dreamed about ex apologising and want you back, it could be because you want that. If you dreamed about you were back in a toxic relationship, it could be because you are being too harsh on yourself, if you dream your ex was breaking up with you all over again researches states to take a moment and ask yourself what is going on currently in your life. Devi Lakshmi Appeared in Your Dream? Know The Meaning And Interpretation. 

3. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

Snakes in dreams seem to represent, well a lot. Some cultures associate reptiles with upward growth, while snakes can be a more menacing symbol for other cultures. Dreaming about snakes is common and typically represent a person in the dreamer’s life. However, they can also mean something related to health or healing. You can click HERE to know more and detailed meaning about dreaming of snakes.

4. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out?

Dreaming about your teeth falling out of your mouth could be both bad and good news. The dream can represent everything from a major life change to lack of self-esteem, from the fear of getting older to money issues, from symbolising rebirth or regretting something you have said—the interpretations could be many. Vivid Dreams During Pandemic: What Are Vivid Dreams? Here’s Why You Are Experiencing Weird and Intense Pandemic Dreaming. 

5. What Does it Mean When You Dream About Being Pregnant?

Dream interpreters suggest that pregnancy dreams represent everything from creativity to fear. Pregnancy dreams might sometime mean a woman’s fears of being an inadequate mother. Again, other researchers suggest that such dreams indicate that the dreamer is developing some area of potential or deepening a relationship. These dreams are also a sign of difficult times.

So, do these dream interpretations seem accurate to you? If not, don’t worry. Your dreams are unique and highly personal. Try to consider your dream as a reflection of your waking life, mirroring your fears, desires, hopes and aspirations for the future. Like the above interpreted, your dreams are likely to reflect the concerns you face in your daily existence.

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