Ganeshotsav Recipe of Day 6: How to Make Puri Bhaji For Lunch During Ganpati Festival (Watch Video)
Puri Bhaji recipe (Photo credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Ganeshotsav 2018 is being celebrated across the states of central and south India. Getting a Ganpati idol home and offering worship to him, making sweet naivedya every day is a tradition that has been followed from ages. Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles is among the favourite deities worshipped by the Hindu community. While most people get an idol home for one and a half or five days, the public pandals organise the festival for 10-days. Puri Bhaji is a commonly made combination during any festival. Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 Modak Recipes: 5 Traditional Dishes You Can Prepare at Home for this Ganpati Festival.

Boiled potato sabzi along with fried puris has been a loved combination in every Maharashtrian's house. It is common as a South Indian breakfast item but has been adapted to the state too. Puri and potato bhaji go so well along with each other, that any other sabzi will make it odd in taste. On day 6 of Ganeshotsav, we give you the recipe of the age-old combination. Easy to Make Alu Vadi Easily at Home (Watch Video)

Potato Sabzi Recipe: 

Potato is a favourite vegetable of most of the people. The right amount of spices and squeezing a little lemon over it makes it so delectable! There is also another way of making this vegetable, more like a curry. For those who do not like dry sabzi with puris, potato curry works best too.

Potato curry recipe:

Puri Recipe:

Puris are a good substitute to rotis, not so healthy though as they are deep-fried. Although puri bhaji is very easy to make, it is not very commonly made as a food item. But for a festive occasion, it makes a good choice. Do you love Puri Bhaji?