A very significant celebration of Mahashivratri 2020 is being marked in the country today. The festival celebrating Lord Shiva, it is known as the "Great Night of Shiva," wherein devotees pray all night to please the Mahadev. Lord Shiva is deeply respected and worshipped throughout the country but this religious observance is not a dry day. February 21 is assumed to be a dry day but alcohol will be served in pubs and bars today. Although some liquor and wine shops may remain closed on account of Mahashivratri. So Mahashivratri 2020 will not be a dry day in the country.  List of Dry Days of 2020 in India: Check Complete Dry Days Calendar With Dates When Alcohol Will Not Be Available for Sale in India.

February 21 happens to be a Friday, so those waiting to indulge in the spirit of the weekend are concerned if tomorrow is a dry day. But tomorrow is not a dry day as alcohol will be served in bars and pubs. However, liquor shops will remain closed in some regions. A dry day is ordered by the government on occasions to respect religious or patriotic sentiments of the public. So while it could be widely assumed that Mahashivratri is a dry day, it is not. Alcohol will be available in hotels, pubs and bars on February 21. Mahashivratri 2020: From Bhang to Ganja (Marijuana), Offerings Made to Lord Shiva That Prove He Is the Coolest God of All! 

Lord Shiva or Mahadev is considered one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe. He is widely respected and worshipped across the nation and all temples of Lord Shiva have begun preparations for the great night almost a week in advance. Prayers are held throughout the night and many devotees meditate on his ethics and virtues. We wish everyone a very Happy Maha Shivratri 2020!


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