New Delhi, February 15: Scientists have discovered a male contraceptive pill that can stop sperm in its passage itself. This can be good news for men who do not like using condoms during sexual intercourse. This oral pill will be termed as a male pill. The study was published in a science journal, Nature Communications, on February 14, Valentine's Day. "This study is a game changer," says Dr Jochen Buck and Dr Lonny Levin, co-senior authors, in a report published in Weill Cornell Medicine.

A common perception or myth is cultivated in society that only condoms or vasectomies can be used as male contraceptives. However, Levin credits this groundbreaking research to the growing demand for potential contraceptives to "clear a much higher bar of safety and side effects".

It has been said that since men do not bear the burnt of getting uncalled pregnancy, they are not bothered about contraception. According to Levin, the field of research "assume men will have a low tolerance for potential contraceptive side effects". The pill is yet to undergo a clinical trial. Once the experiment goes successful during the human trials, the pill will hit the market. How To Use A Female Condom: Step by Step Video To Wear The Women's Contraceptive.

Lab Test of Male Contraceptive Pill

During a lab test on mice, the drug showed the capability to inactive sperm for up to two and a half hours. Its effects were also found to persist in the female reproductive tract. While after a period of three hours, "some sperm begin regaining motility; by 24 hours, nearly all sperm have recovered normal movement." Condom, Contraceptive Pills Sales Go Through Roof During COVID-19 Pandemic in India, Sterilisation Rate Drops.

These observations are made on 52 different mating behaviours of the mice. Also, another group of subjects were given inactive control substances to impregnate their mates.

How Does Male Contraceptive Work?

According to Dr Melanie Balbach, a postdoctoral associate, who has worked on this project along with the two authors, the contraceptive start working within 30 to 60 minutes of ingestion. She also noted that "every other experimental hormonal or nonhormonal male contraceptive takes weeks to bring sperm count down or render them unable to fertilize eggs". This wears off quickly, within hours. However, other drugs take weeks.

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