Half of the Brits Don’t Know Where the Vagina Is and How the Female Genitalia Should Be Cleaned
Vaginal cleaning. (Photo Credit: Pexels)

In a shocking survey, it was found out that about half of British women don't know where their vagina is, as in what the different parts of the vagina are. A YouGov survey has found out that around 45 percent of the British people cannot label a vagina correctly, which means they cannot tell the various parts of the vagina right. On a diagram, they cannot tell the function of the multiple parts of the vagina as well. The survey further suggests that about 6 out of 10 men didn't know the different parts of the vagina and only 69 percent of men could label the clitoris on a diagram. Yes! Many British men don't know about the clitoris of a vagina. In a research done on about 2,010 British adults with a picture of female genitalia and asked them to identify the various parts and functions the results were beyond surprising and raises questions on the biology education of the kids as well.  Vaginal Scraping: New Surgical Procedure Includes 'scraping' out the Traces of Your Ex from Intimate Area! How Safe Is It?

To the surprise of the researchers about half of the women couldn't identify their own lady bits and 55 percent of the women said that they didn't know about their urethra. ABout half of both men and women failed to mark the diagram of a vagina properly. The lack of knowledge wasn't just limited to the naming of the body parts but infact also the way it should be kept. The part that the researchers found worrisome was that many women didn't know how to maintain proper hygiene of their genitalia. They had no idea about how their vaginas work as well. Most of the women didn't know that the vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism and you don't need to use soap or any other cleaning product to maintain the hygiene of your lady parts. Half of the women surveyed did not know that one shouldn't wash the inside of the vagina. One in six said they thought you were supposed to use soap down there.