Methi For Weight Loss: Here’s How You Can Burn Fat With Fenugreek Seeds Naturally

Probably India's most loved plant is methi plant. Right from its leaves to its seed, methi is miraculous and has umpteen health benefits. Methi or fenugreek seeds have been used for many purposes for a long time as its medicinal properties are immense. Not only do they prove to be helpful in lowering blood cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart diseases, controlling blood sugar levels, preventing heartburn, improves digestion, preventing fever and sore throat they also help increasing breast milk in lactating women, inducing and easing childbirth, reducing menstrual discomfort and increasing breast size. They have also known to have its effects on cancer. They have been proven to help keep colon cancer under control. Methi has also been proven to have amazing effects on skin and hair. You might want to know about Methi Seeds for Hair: How Fenugreek Seeds Can Prevent Hair Loss, Dandruff And Promote Thick Hair Growth.  It is also known to soothe skin scars and inflammation and hair problems.

However, not many know that methi seeds can prove to have amazing effects in terms of weight loss as well. Its composition and nutritional value can help you shed those extra kilos. You must include methi seeds in your diet to attain weight loss for these reasons.

  • Fenugreek seeds are ideal for weight loss as it has low carbohydrate content. Unhealthy carbs are not found in fenugreek seeds thus preventing unnecessary weight gain.
  • Fenugreek seeds have high fibre content. Thus making them beneficial not only for constipation but also increases metabolic rate which triggers the burning of fat. This proves to be helpful for losing weight around the belly.
  • Fenugreek seeds give the stomach a feeling of fullness as it has more than 75% of soluble fibres. It can be used as a way of dieting as it reduces the feeling of hunger. A healthy way of eating less has fenugreek seeds on an empty stomach in the morning resulting in weight control. The help of this property can also control eating disorders.
  • Fenugreek seeds are rich in galactomannan which is a healthy polysaccharide. This natural soluble fibre slows down sugar absorption into the blood. Many weight loss food supplement contains Galactomannan.

Ways To Consume Methi For Weight Loss:

Fenugreek Tea

This tea offers many other benefits other than weight loss such as proper digestion and control of sugar levels. To make this beneficial tea, first of all, fenugreek seeds have to be ground and secondly paste has to be formed by adding a little water. This paste then has to be added to boiling water along with lemon, ginger or cinnamon for taste. The tea must be allowed to simmer for about 5 minutes. Fenugreek seeds may also be consumed on an empty stomach each day.


For using methi in curries, the best alternative is fenugreek powder. Fenugreek seeds are roasted, and the warm seeds are then crushed with a grinder or mortar. This powder can be added into warm water and consumed every morning.

Soaked Methi 

Methi soaked in water overnight and drinking the methi water in the morning can have amazing effects and help reach your weight loss goals. Fenugreek water reduces your hunger by making you feel full. It also helps reduces blood sugar in your body that in turn help you lose weight and see visible effects on your body in just a few weeks.

You must keep in mind that for an effective weight loss you must opt for a holistic approach. A good combination of a healthy diet, exercise and yoga can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. Swedish Glamour Model Eats 6 Kgs of Nutella to Achieve The World's Biggest Bum! (See Pictures and Videos)  and if you are opting for any kind of diet, keep in mind that all food groups are important for your health, even fats.  Cheese And Butter For Weight Loss? 6 Healthy Fats That You Should Include In Your Diet