Reaction To PPD in Hair Dye Causes French Woman’s Head To Swell Up, Resembling a Light Bulb
Reaction to hair dye caused 19 year old's head swell up. (Photo Credits: YouTube screengrab)

The pictures of a 19-year-old Frenchwoman has been doing rounds on the internet after she suffered an allergic reaction to hair dye. The teenager Estelle suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction to a chemical called Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) used commonly in dark-coloured hair dyes and cosmetics. As a result, her head swelled up, resembling a light bulb.

Estelle told Fox News that she tried out a small amount of the dye before applying it to her hair. But the patch test was enough to give to cause a violent reaction. The colourant started causing irritation immediately on her scalp, leading to intense irritation. In due course, her face started swelling up. The pictures she shared on the internet showed how her face shape changed drastically. Dublin Homeless 10-Year-Old Dies From Allergic Reaction to McDonald’s Peri Peri Wrap.

Antihistamines didn’t help as the swelling continued till Estelle’s head “inflated” to 24.8 inches and her tongue also swelled up. As per reports, she had to be wheeled into the emergency room when the symptoms didn’t abate. She had to be given a shot of adrenaline, only then did her situation improve.

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PPD or Paraphenylenediamine is a commonly-used component in hair dyes. It’s also present in many cosmetics and temporary henna tattoos. The chemical has been favoured over the other dyes since its longer lasting than the others and imparts a naturally dark colour to the hair.

However, PPD has gained notoriety in recent years for causing contact allergy as acute, subacute or chronic dermatitis. Allergic reaction to PPD is capable of causing fatal complications like rhadomyolsis, renal failure, oedema and respiratory failure.