Contraception is a key part of having a healthy and safe sex life. And these conversations are especially important considering the taboos surrounding sex; raising awareness about safe contraception options is key to avoiding unplanned pregnancies. World Contraception Day aims to help people do just that and ensure that people have access to safe contraception options. World Contraception Day 2021 will be celebrated on September 26, and as we prepare to commemorate this, here is everything you need to know about this observance.

When is World Contraception Day 2021?

World Contraception Day is celebrated on September 26 every year. An initiative which was started in 2007, this celebration aims to improve awareness about safe contraception, the right way to protect oneself against unwanted pregnancies and have safe and enjoyable sexual experiences. Powerful Sayings and Images to Raise Awareness on Birth Control and Allow Partners to Make Informed Choices on Reproductive Health.

Significance of World Contraception Day

Since sex itself is often looked upon as a taboo topic, not many people are educated well about the safe way of having sex without worrying about unplanned pregnancies. Contraceptives are key to making informed choices about one's sexual and reproductive health, and the celebration is especially important in the current time. The conversation about the reproductive health of women and the access to safe options of taking care of their sexual and reproductive health is crucial, especially in the current times. And World Contraception Day 2021 aims to do just that.

There are various methods of contraception that are accessible and safe for people according to their requirements. In addition to helping people to have a safe sex life, contraception also has various other key benefits. And one key way to celebrate World Contraception Day will surely be beginning your own research on the options that are best suited for you and opening dialogues with your gynecologists and your partner about this very important topic.

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