SuperShe Island: Female Only Resort Destination in Finland Has Strict No-Men Policy
SuperShe Island is developed exclusively for females (Photo credits: Instagram/Supershesnaps)

Do you fancy only women companions on a trip? Do you love taking woman only trips? If that's a yes than SuperShe Island has to be your next destination. An island off the Finland coast has been developed into a luxury resort exclusively for women. Entrepreneur Kristina Roth created a private retreat welcome to only female visitors around the world. The goal was to build a community bringing together females and relaxing in all the positive vibe of 'female energy.' The island has opened up recently, and Roth hopes it will add as a spotlight in Finland's beauty.

Roth realised how women tend to get distracted when they spot a guy. She observed this on one of her vacations in Calabasas, California. "The idea at SuperShe Island is, hey, focus on yourself - don’t try to get your hormones up," she was quoted to a newspaper. The island has four luxurious cabins, along with a lot of wellness activities. Needless to say, there will also be various opportunities for women bonding. The main aim is to teach nurturing, self-love and positivity among the women, which they otherwise tend to ignore.

Women will get a variety of activities like yoga, meditation, healthy eating, cooking classes, fitness classes, to choose from. But before you go, you need to apply for exclusive membership. The procedure is as simple as filling a form and stating why you are so excited about visiting SuperShe Community. Roth picks the visitors herself. She wants to ensure that the women visitors make it a fun experience. The island is also welcome to lesbian couples.

Roth was visiting Finland and remained awestruck by its beauty. She was looking for a personal sanctuary place, but when she saw the pristine beauty, she felt why not make it available to other women. She brought it straight away and started developing it. The 8.4-acre island can house ten people in an environment that Roth believes, ' is best for women to truly connect with themselves is in a women-only space, surrounded by like-minded female energy.'

The idea, however, has also been tagged as elitist. Being a super- luxe property with such activities, it is bound to be an expensive affair. So it won't be affordable for all the women who do wish to go on such a retreat but have limitations of income. Moreover, with the 'cool' personality demands from the visitors, it can also come as a hurdle to many who are shy and haven't ventured into travelling. What are your views on this island? Are you excited or do you think it is just for the super-affluent, classy females who can afford such luxuries?