If you are a follower of the latest trends on the internet, you have probably come across #Pray_for_Nesamani and #Neasamani as the top trends on Twitter and Facebook. For the uninitiated, it all started because of a video of the comedy legend Vadivelu from the Tamil film, Friends which showed the actor getting hit on the head with a hammer going viral. Thanks to a fan who shared this video, the internet too caught up on it and ever since, have been having the time of their life sharing memes. Nesamani Memes Take Over As the Internet Prays for Comedian Vadivelu’s Character from ‘Friends’.

Fans of Vadivelu, the actor who played Nesamani onscreen are now adding "Contractor" as a prefix to their handles just like Prime Minister Narendra Modi's campaign which had everyone putting "Chowkidaar" to their handles. The trend became so huge that several users are now searching as to why #Neasamani is trending and what the deal with this 'Contractor' prefix is. Nesamani Memes Are Going Viral: EXPLAINED! Here’s Why #PrayForNesamani Posts Are Trending On Social Media

Here are some of the memes shared by 'Contractors' on Twitter:






We hope you now know what the deal with this whole 'Contractor' prefix is. It is hilarious how one video started this whole trend. If you happen to find some funny memes on #ContractorNesamani, do share them with us in comments below!

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