New Delhi, April 18: Dairy giant Amul has taken a jibe at Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his proposed acquisition of Twitter for $43 billion, with a doodle that shows Musk trying to woo a blue bird (Twitter's logo) to come inside a cage. "Elon flexes his Muskles?' read the banner on the doodle that went viral on social media.

Mocking his Twitter takeover attempt, Amul said in a tweet that it "takes over bread daily". "#Amul Topical: Billionaire launches hostile bid to take over Twitter!" read the description.

Check Amul Topical on Elon Musk and His Twitter Acquisition Ambition

Several users reacted to Amul's cartoon. "Elon musk wants freedom of speech. Twitter is currently owned by a deep state who influence their narrative," posted one user. "The bird (Twitter) will move from one cage to another," commented another.

As Tesla and SpaceX CEO puts pressure on the board of Twitter to let him acquire the micro-blogging platform for $43 billion, its Co-founder Jack Dorsey has also broken the silence, labelling the board as "consistently the dysfunction of the company". Reacting to a Twitter user, Dorsey said late on Sunday: "It (the board) has consistently been the dysfunction of the company".

Musk has said that the Board of Twitter should be more concerned about other potential bidders than him who has made a fair offer to acquire 100 per cent of the micro-blogging platform for $43 billion. With 9.2 per cent stake, Musk is one of the largest shareholders in Twitter.

"With all buttery respect I would suggest you to reevaluate this meme," posted one user to Amul's cartoon.

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