As much as social media can be helpful to keep a tab on what's happening across the world, it is also a place where fake information keep resurfacing. The year of 2020 has already set in a fear and panic situation among people across the world. Now old and doctored images of giant human skeletons have found their way online as "recent ones". Pictures of giant skeletal humans are going viral on Twitter, reiterating a belief in "Nephilim" skeletons with Biblical references. But let us warn you, as scary as they may look, they are not real and definitely not recent. Viral Pics of Large Bats, Being Called 'Human-Sized', From Philippines Are Scaring People; Know More About Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox.

The pictures were shared by few Twitter users in the last two days. They mention, "These Photos Are From A Recent Archialogical Dig In Greece. They Discovered The Skeletal Remains Of Giants That Prove The Bible Through." Another user has shared the same set of pictures and given reference of Nephilim in the Greek text that the Bible was translated from. But these same set of pictures have been going viral since 2004! Those unaware of the real facts have panicked at the sight of these pics. Similar claims have been made on Facebook as well. Real Dinosaur Cloned in China? Know More About Viral Video of Scary Looking Prehistoric Creature From Jurassic World's Exhibition.

Check The Pics and Tweets Here:

Nephilim Reference

Some people have questioned the validity of these images and called out to them as fake. We found an article from Snopes from 2019 that mentions all of these images are fake and doctored ones. There is no reference of any giant skeletons in any of the scientific studies. All of these images are likely sourced together from different fake narratives and are being presented together as discoveries in Greece.

The same set of pictures have been brought up again on Twitter, calling them as recent ones. So if you see someone panicking over it or just passing them along, bring it to notice that they are fake pics and no such real findings have been made.

Fact check

Skeletal Remains of Giants Uncovered in Recent Archaeological Dig in Greece Are Fake! Know Truth About These Old Pics That Have Resurfaced Online
Claim :

Giant Human Skeletons uncovered in recent archaeological dig in Greece.

Conclusion :

These are old and fake claims. The pictures are not real.

Full of Trash

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