Happy Valentine's Day 2019 Funny Memes and Jokes: These 11 Tweets Sum Up The Day of Love For Singles Out There
Valentine's day memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It is Valentine's Day today and couples everywhere are enthusiastically celebrating the day of love. Social media is filled with people exchanging Valentine's day messages, wishes and greetings. Couples make sure they wish their significant other a very Happy Valentine's Day. While all that goes on, it is the singles that are left feeling miserable. But there is something for them too on social media. We are talking about Valentine's Day memes. Several memes, jokes and funny images are shared on social media showing how Valentine's Day feels like for the singles. Single on Valentine's Day 2019? Sharing Funny Memes to Joining Bajrang Dal, Here's What You Can Do to Enjoy Your Singlehood on This Day of Love.

It can get a little annoying to see all hearts and lovey-dovey post filling your timelines throughout the week. It may be Valentine's Day today, but enthusiastic couples celebrate each day of the Valentine Week. If you are single and annoyed about the entire hullabaloo and display of love in public, we have compiled a bunch of Valentine day memes and jokes that can get you through all the sappy posts. Singles on Twitter have shared some of the funniest memes and jokes to express their thoughts on the day of love. Anti-Valentine’s Day 2019: Funny Bajrang Dal Memes and Jokes That Are So Dank That It Is Crazy.

Check Some Funny Memes and Jokes on Valentine's Day

Social Media Vs You Today

You Are Not Alone


Vodka Shots Please

You've Got a Mail

Holding Hands to Singlehood

Genuine wishes?

Team Ugly!

Normal Day > Valentine's Day

Valentine Day Product

You Are Enough

Perfect Meme!

Didn't these memes and jokes make you laugh and go relatable as you scrolled down for more? Don't forget to share these funny jokes with your other single friends too. Wish you all single's a very Happy and Funny Valentine's Day!