‘Jessica Yaniv is a Predator!’ Trans Activist Slammed by YouTuber Blaire White for Hosting Topless Pool Party for Kids
Jessica Yaniv exposed (Photo Credits: Youtube)

Jessica Yaniv has been a huge name in the trans community for a long time. Recently, the trans activist was exposed for doing things that potentially ruin the image of the entire trans community. Yaniv came to prominence for shutting down a beauty parlour after they refused to give him Brazilian wax after finding out he still had male genitals. Now, a YouTuber named Blaire White has come out with receipts and exposed Jessica. Canadian Transwoman Irked After Female Saloon Employees Refuse to Wax Her Genitals, Accuses Them of Transphobia.

About two weeks ago, Blaire White, an openly trans woman uploaded a video to expose trans activist Jessica Yaniv. After the shutting down of a beauty salon fiasco, Jessica Yaniv was accused and brought to the public eye for sending inappropriate messages to young girls. Jessica kept asking numerous girls about their periods, tampons and usage of pads. Though Yaniv still has a penis, he believes he can get his periods. Yaniv was also exposed by White for hosting and promoting topless pool parties for underage kids. The party specifically mentioned no parents or adults allowed. Blaire touched on a lot more issues in her video about Jessica.

Blaire White's Video on Jessica Yaniv

After the video by Blaire White blew up, Jessica tweeted out to her and told her to post a naked faced picture, insinuating Blaire is only beautiful with makeup.

Jessica's Tweet to Blaire

After the tweet, Blaire and Jessica sat down for a live video chat on her Youtube channel to discuss the allegations.

Blaire White’s Hour-Long Discussion With Jessica Yaniv

Jessica was arrested after the live chat ended for possession of a stun gun. Yaniv said in an interview, “Trans activist Jessica Yaniv's human rights complaints brought her prominence; now she's accused of harassment and predatory behaviour”. Neighbours claim to have seen Yaniv being taken away with handcuffs on but reportedly Jessica is now free. Blaire has called Jessica a trans predator.