Mumbai Rains: Amul’s New Topical Is a Reminder of the Looming Danger of Overflowing Mithi River (View Pic)
Amul’s New Topical (Photo Credits: @Amul_Coop/ Twitter)

India’s financial capital, Mumbai has come to a standstill as the heavy shower of rainfall continues to threaten the regular life. For the past few days, the city is witnessing monstrous rainfall, which has caused a severe flood in many areas. As per reports, Maharashtra’s Mithi River flowed four metres high on August 4 rainfall, which is almost half a metre over its danger mark. Amidst the gloomy weather, Amul came up with a new topical reminding the looming threat of overflowing Mithi River and the pic rightly explains the increasing panic among citizens. Amul Celebrates Chandrayaan 2 Launch With a Lovely Topical Ad. 

Over the weekend’s monsoon, local train services disrupted between CST and Thane as housing, societies, roads and railway tracks were flooded. As Mithi River began to overflow, the nearby residents were affected badly. Amul’s ad reminds the serious concern that has gripped the citizens. In the topical, the Amul girl can be seen terrified, as she holds a stick, balancing herself on flat wood, as it floats on the mud water.

View Pic of Amul New Topical Ad:

The danger continues to grow. According to the recent reports, IMD has predicted heavy showers in Mumbai in the coming days. The people are advised to stay safe and store drinking water, food and other necessary items during the heavy rains.