New Delhi, May 27: Google is rolling out a new feature on its Play Store called "Ask Someone Else To Pay". The Google Play Store new feature allow its users to request someone else to pay for their in-app purchase or an app. The Google Play Store new feature could make it more convenient and help users manage their spending.

As per a report of Times Now, Google Play Store tests the “Ask Someone Else To Pay” feature. The new feature is expected to simplify the purchasing process, especially for those who may not have immediate access to payment methods. The new feature might be beneficial in several scenarios. Parents can use it to buy educational apps or games for their children without sharing payment details directly. Friends can also gift apps or in-app purchases for birthdays or special occasions. Google Introduces ‘Hum To Search’ Feature in YouTube Music To Identify Songs on Android; Know How To Use It.

With the "Ask Someone Else To Payoption, users can send a payment request link to another person. The recipient can then complete the transaction on behalf of the requested user. This can be useful for younger users or those who prefer to manage their finances through a family member or friend.

How Does the "Ask Someone Else To PayFeature Work?

Initially, the new 'Ask Someone Else to Payfeature will be rolled out to users in India. Users need to select the item they want to purchase on the Google Play Store. The feature presents itself as a button labelled “ask someone else to pay for this item”. WhatsApp Status New Feature Update: Meta-Owned App Lets Users To Share One Minute Voice Notes As Status Updates on iOS and Android.

When a user clicks on this button, they are prompted to enter the email address of the person from whom they wish to request payment. Google then creates a payment link that can be shared with the recipient. This link includes a brief description of the item being purchased along with its price. The recipient has 24 hours to complete the transaction before the link expires, ensuring timely action on the request.

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