New Delhi, January 29: Apple recently rolled out its iOS 17.4 beta version to the iPhones with the latest features and updates related to Apple Music, new emojis, upgrades to Siri and many new App Store-associated changes for the EU region, following the Digital Markets Act. Now, the tech giant is expected to release its upcoming iOS 18 update with AI-powered features to the compatible iPhones. 

First reported by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is expected to release the "biggest" update in the iPhone's history. The race for AI-powered features has begun, and Apple will reportedly follow the trend and offer the features iPhone users have been expecting for a long time. With the introduction of Galaxy AI and some of its highlighting features, the other players in the industry may also join the on-device and on-cloud features powered by artificial intelligence technology. Samsung To Make 'Galaxy AI' Available Across 100 Million Mobile Devices in 2024: Report.

According to the report by India Today, artificial intelligence is among the "most significant focal points in the tech industry" because all major players, such as Microsoft, Google and Meta are doing it. From Google unveiling its Google Pixel 8 series with AI-powered features to Samsung launching its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series with its own Galaxy AI mobile experience, all are focused on improving the customer experience with the new technology in demand. 

iOS 18 To Be 'Biggest' Update in iPhone History

As per the reports, the upcoming iOS 18 update will be the "biggest" report suggested by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The reports highlighted some features that could be introduced in the next Apple iOS update. The features include the RCS support that will likely improve the users' messaging experience and have higher resolution images, videos, read receipts, audio messages and enhanced encryption. 

The reports also mentioned that the next iOS 18 update could introduce AI-powered Siri. The reports said that the LLMs could power Siri with a focus on Generative AI. Other rumoured features include Apple Music getting auto-generated playlists, iWork apps like Keynotes or Pages getting auto-generated slide decks, Xcode GenAI features that could help developers write new applications faster, Message app AI-integrated with auto-completing and answering in complete sentences. GenAI Expected To Become 'USD 100 Billion Industry' by 2026, US To Remain World’s Largest Generative AI Market: Report.

Apple has not confirmed or hinted at such features in its upcoming iOS 18 update. However, the reports said that there are chances that these features will likely be preferred for boosting AI experience of the iPhone users. The reports also hinted that the non-AI features could also launch with major improvements in the next Apple system update. 

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