October is a spectacular month for skywatchers. Starting with a full moon, two meteor showers, Mars shining bright and also ending with a full moon day. But amid these natural sightings, people in Mumbai can see the International Space Station in the sky for the nest few days. The ISS is the largest artificial habitat in space and it is one of the most amusing things if you have a keen interest in space and outer world. And you can watch it in the sky today and over the next few days in October! We tell you the dates and timings when it will be a good time to take a look at the sky to spot the International Space Station. Mars Bigger and Brighter in Night Sky: Here's How to Watch The Red Planet As It Makes Its Closest Approach to Earth Till October 13.

NASA's International Space Station is tracked every single day by the agency and you can have a look at where it is currently all throughout the year. There are live feeds too which show the view of the Earth from ISS. But it is indeed amazing to know that you can watch this satellite very much with your eyes not relying on digital views. ISS has been seen at different other destinations over the globe but you can see it from Mumbai today evening! On October 13, around 6.37 PM, the International Space Station will be visible for 3 minutes in Mumbai. Last time, the ISS was visible in July 14 from many Indian cities.

Here's a Tweet That Gives Details of When to Watch ISS in Mumbai:

The ISS will be at a height of 41 degrees from the horizon in the night sky. It will first be visible at 39 degrees at West South West in the sky. Besides October 13, there are two more times when you can see the ISS this month.

Date and Timing of ISS Above Mumbai Sky

After October 13, ISS can be observed on October 19 and 20. It will be seen in Mumbai skies for about a minute or two.

The ISS revolves around the earth at a distance just 400 kilometers, and at a speed of at 8 km/second. At at an average speed of 27,724 kilometres per hour, it revolves around the earth 15 times in a day. So sighting is not as rare at multiple places in one day. But this evening, Mumbaikars can view the spectacle if the skies are clear.

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