Skygazers seem to be in for a lot of new things this lockdown. From Super Flower Moon, meteoroid showers to planets aligning with the Moon, quite a lot of celestial events are happening up there. After Mars, Jupiter and Saturn lined up Moon, the trio is ready to put up a show again. On May 12, 2020 (Tuesday), three bright bodies are coming together within a circle less than five degrees wide. On May 12, 2020, Saturn, Jupiter and Moon will come together and can be seen without a telescope. The celestial event will be visible in the eastern sky early in the morning. The rare event is called as a Conjunction. This happens when two planets or a single one comes to one another or to the Moon. While they could be miles apart, from the Earth the planets would seem next to each other. ETA Aquarids Meteor Shower 2020 Photos: Halley’s Comet Leaves a Beautiful Trail in the Dark Night Sky.

Moon, Jupiter & Saturn to Appear in Night Sky, Here's The Date & Time

You can view this beautiful event in the sky with your naked eye or can use binoculars for better viewing. Jupiter and Saturn will be close to each other between May 11 and 13. It will be best visible on May 12, 2020. However, it will not be visible before 7:30 pm IST to the naked eye. For those living in Europe, Africa and America, the nearest time is the morning of May 12.

Reportedly, Paul Delaney, an astronomy professor at York University said that Saturn, Jupiter and the moon coming together could look like a smiley face in the northern hemisphere. But for those in the southern hemisphere, it will look like an upside-down smiley.

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