Mumbai, January 12: As the COVID-19 cases are rising again and the possibility of lockdown is increasing, a word-based game is going viral on the internet. Players have to correctly guess a pre-selected word by making random word guesses. They can even take the help of the hints provided. People can play "Wordle" on any desktop or mobile browser.

Users can just type 'wordle' on the search engine that they use. The link to the official website of the game will appear. They can play the game without registration. The 'free-to-play' game website has a simple design. From the settings section on the top-right, users can choose between hard mode, dark theme, and colour bling mode.

The game is invented by a software engineer from Brooklyn, Josh Wardle. According to reports, he invented the game for his Indian partner Palak Shah. "It's really sweet. This is definitely how Josh shows his love," reported The New York Times quoting Shah as saying. The game is named in line with the surname of Josh. Online Games to Play With Friends During Isolation: 5 Interactive Multiplayer Games You Can Play on Your Smartphones.

As per the media house, Shah and Wardle played the game for months before releasing it to the public. In November 2021, there were reportedly only 90 players were playing the game, but in a soan of two months, around 3,00,000 people were on the game. Till now, there is no app for the game.

How To Play the Game:

There is a grid 5 x 6 grid. In the grid, users have to enter a random, guessed word, starting from the top row. Notably, the game allows you to enter six five-letter words. Players can use the first five words to guess the sixth word. Enter a random word in the first row and check the colour of the five boxes in which there are letters of the word.

It is interesting to note that if any box turns green, it implies the letter is a part of the quiz word and is in the correct place. If the box turns yellow, that means the letter is part of the quiz word but not in the correct place. However, if it turns grey, then it means the letter is not a part of the quiz word at all.

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