CryptoQuant started in 2018 as a blockchain data providing company. Always clear about its mission, CQ rose to the power with its speciality in on-chain data. But over the period of time, it realised that it has a lot more to do and in no time, it sleeved up to take on bigger challenges and make them easy for the investors.

CryptoQuant realised that the crypto market is full of retail investors but only a few of them are powered with the required information to make their investments. This is when CQ took the bold step to expand its data coverage and decided to commit to the mission of lowering hurdles for data-driven investment decisions for all crypto investors.

CryptoQuant has been a market leader since it came into existence but with its right approach and power to understand the market pulse, it soon touched new peaks of success. Today, the brand has 2 million traders connecting to its web service worldwide and 10,000 articles citing their data every month including major media such as Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Bloomberg and Forbes. CQ's MAU has been growing 10x quarterly and the brand's data has been used for risk management, building fundamental or quantitative strategies, market research and more.

But what makes CryptoQuant's data so trustworthy? CryptoQuant understands that the market is already pained by those who cultivate and manipulate the data and hence takes strong measures to provide proper solutions to the investors.

CryptoQuant keeps track of every single transaction that occurs in the market, labels addresses through dusting and machine learning-based clustering, identifies entities whether it's an exchange or a mining pool, etc.

Outputs of Their Analysis Can be One of the Below Mentioned:

1) Network data that relates to the blockchain network itself such as active address count.

2) Market data related to price data evoked by cryptocurrency exchanges.

3) Entity flow data that summarize money flow movement among the most important players in the network such as exchanges and miners.

The brand also provides provide real-time charts and raw entity data by following these steps:

1) Collect labeled addresses by preceding a thorough and vast amount of dusting process.

2) Serve our data efficiently and securely

3) Ensure that we have valid labeled addresses based on reserve analysis, trend analysis, graph analysis, and data statistic analysis.

The brand has also helped Korean Police Agency and Prosecution Service to solve money-laundering cases with these address label data. The Korean government has spent a million USD to investigate wallets since 2019 with the help of CryptoQuant.