Pizza Hut Malaysia Issues Public Apology After Derogatory Tweet About Transgender Women
Pizza Hut (Photo credits: Twitter)

Malaysia, August 8: Pizza Hut Malaysia has issued a public apology on its official Twitter account, following a Twitter backlash over comments made about transgender women and religion. The tweet has been removed, and Pizza Hut Malaysia has posted an apology for the offensive remarks, by calling them ‘inappropriate’ and that they were made ‘erroneously’. Pizza Hut Malaysia has terminated the services of its social media agency after the social media fiasco.

The original comment on Twitter by Pizza Hut Malaysia made fun of a user who said that transgender women shared the same aurat as cis-gender women, according to screenshots of the now-deleted tweet. According to reports, in Islam, aurat refers to parts of the body that should not be seen in public. While some say that it refers merely to genitals and a woman’s breasts, some conservatives consider even a woman’s voice to be aurat, as it could be a “temptation”.

Check the apology tweets by Pizza Hut Malaysia

According to Marketing Interactive portal, an employee from the agency tweeted it by mistake, even though it was deleted quickly, but it was instantly picked up by netizens.