Islamabad, May 31: A Pakistani fisherman has sold a rare 48-kg Atlantic croaker fish for a whopping Rs 72-lakh (USD 46,706), in one of the costliest seafood transactions in the country, according to a media report on Monday.

Boatsman Sajid Haji Ababakar caught fish off the coast of Gwadar in Balochistan province on Sunday, the Dawn newspaper reported.  Huge Bhola Fish of 52 Kgs Found in West Bengal, Woman Hits a Jackpot Selling it For 3 Lakhs! (View Pics).

An auction was held and the highest bid was settled at Rs 86.4 lakh.

"However, we settled for Rs 72 lakh following our tradition of discounts,” Ababakar said. Deputy Director for Fisheries, Gwadar, Ahmed Nadeem said he had never seen a fish fetch a such a high price. The Atlantic Croaker is in great demand in Europe and China for its meat and use of skin and bones in medical sciences. Rare 800 Kg Fish 'Chilshankar' Caught in West Bengal's Digha Coast is Manta Ray, an Endangered Species, Claim Netizens! (View Pics).

"Some fish are expensive because of their meat. But this species (large croaker fish) has a high demand because parts of it are known for their use in medicine and surgery," said Abdul Rahim Baloch, marine biologist and Assistant Director, Environment Development Authority, Gwadar.

Similarly, a fisherman caught a large croaker last week off the coast of Gwadar. The fish was sold at Rs 7.8 lakh. The Atlantic Croaker usually weighs about 1.2 kg. Sturgeon fish is generally the heaviest fish which is caught commercially. Its weight depends on age, ranging from 20 kgs to 90 kgs.

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