Ishqbaaz January 7, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Will Aditi Ruin Shivani’s Wedding by Suspecting Shivaansh in Honey’s Murder Case?
Will Aditi Ruin Shivani’s Wedding by Suspecting Shivaansh in Honey’s Murder Case? (Photo Credit: File Image)

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with SOS (Nakul Mehta) talking with Shivani and getting shocked and tells her to come as fast as she can and that he is very happy for her. Dhruv and Radhika ask him what is matter. Shivaansh  tells them Shivani is getting married, and that the boy is from Mumbai. SOS is very excited and tells Khanna to arrange everything. All are happy. SOS tells PN and that Shivani is getting married and she is also happy. PN remembers Shivaay and tells them that he used to cook for his brothers whenever he was happy. SOS tells it does not matter if he doesn't know how to cook but Radhika and Dhruv will cook and takes them to the kitchen. Ishqbaaaz Actor Nakuul Mehta Brings In 2019 in Rishikesh With Wife Jankee Parekh; Their Holiday Pictures Are Sure to Give You Some Major Travel Goals

Aditi (Manjiri Pupala) asks Gaitonde and Nana about the post-mortem report of the murder happened in Hotel Grand in the new year party and call records of SOS. They give him the call records and say that the last call was of Honey to SOS. Aditi tells to go and enquire and get information about this case. Aditi wonders why SOS got the last call from Honey and that why everything goes around SOS. SOS hides his personality from all and thinks SOS have some past which she will find out.

Radhika, Dhruv, and Shivaansh get ready to cook in the kitchen and have a good time with each other. The three are enjoying each other company and dancing and cooking (Zindagi milkey betaiga hum tu saath rag track is played in the background). PN comes in the kitchen to see what they are doing and tells SOS that Aditi has come to talk to you. Dhruv and Radhika tease SOS taking Aditi’s name. SOS tells them there is nothing between them and goes from there.

SOS comes out to meet Aditi, while PN, Dhruv, and Radhika watch them from behind the pillar. Aditi tells SOS that she is trying his phone from when and that why he is was not picking her call. SOS thinks that Aditi will ask a question regarding Honey’ death and does not want PN to hear it, so he tries to avoid her questions. On asking by Aditi why he is not lifting her call, he says that he is an actor and does not have time to pick all calls. Aditi tells him that she wants to talk something important to him. But just as she starts talking, SOS stops her and tells her that he does not want to talk anything personal. SOS catches PN, Dhruv, and Radhika and tells them to go in.

Aditi tells SOS that the last call of Honey was made to him and that she wants to check his phone. SOS tells her that he does not keep his phone, his team people have it. SOS tells Aditi if Honey’s call had come they would have told him. But Aditi is not ready to agree and tells him to hand over his phone. SOS tells her to bring a warrant and take his phone. Aditi warns him that this is a murder case and that if he is involved in it then she won’t spare him. SOS tells Aditi that his sister Shivani is getting married and that her in-laws might visit the house and his PN and PD are quite old and he does not want any tension at this time.

SOS tells Aditi that he can go to any extent for his family and that she should not do any such thing that will hurt his family’s feeling. Aditi goes from there. Dhruv and Radhika again tease SOS taking Aditi’s name. There Aditi is requesting the Senior office to give her the permission to check SOS’s mobile phone and his house. The Senior officer tells that she has just been to the Oberoi's Mansion and that they are busy in arranging Shivani’s marriage and she had gone there to wish them as she is their family friend. She tells Aditi that SOS is a very good person and that all his men are also good. And that his personal styling death is a tragedy for him, so please do not treat him as a criminal. Aditi gives the senior officer the mobile call list of SOS. The senior officer sees this and tells how is this possible as when she saw his phone she did not see this number. She tells Aditi to proceed with the case. In the precap, Shivani comes home, SOS is very happy to see her