It's the wedding season and also that time of the year where every person from those attending a wedding to the bride and groom, are worried about their fitness levels. Brides usually become tense and nervous when there are just a few days left for the big day. They tend to worry about how they will look on their special day, how they will be able to carry themselves and most importantly with how much confidence will they face their relatives and friends. From choosing the perfect dress to appropriate hairstyle, the bride has a lot to decide, however, looking flab-free in gowns or lehengas is the most important thing on her mind. LatestLY brings you some home workouts and diet, which will make the bride look absolutely stunning on her wedding day. The ultimate wedding fitness routine can help in major transformation and help the bride look fit and stunning on her D-Day. Bridal Weight Loss Tips: 11 Quick and Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Your Wedding.

Bridal dresses make every bride look attractive, but the bride oozes confidence when she has just the right body to carry her outfit. Most brides want their stomach to look flat and do not want to have a double chin visible in photographs. Brides who have their wedding in just a month's time can still get in shape by doing some high-intensity workout at home which does not require any equipment. During this period, the diet will play a crucial role and there will be no scope for any compromise on your food eating routine. Bridal Weight Loss Tips: 9 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight For The Wedding.

Bridal Workout For Fat Loss

Brides have to invest lots of time shopping, where they have to travel to different places to buy wedding dresses, jewellery etc. Brides from the sub-continent as well as western countries, they all run short of time before the wedding day as something or the other pops up. Therefore, brides won't have time to travel to the gym and spend hours exercising. They can, however, dedicate only 30 mins a day at their home to sweat out and burn fat with some exercises. These mainly include high-intensity workout and core training with a very less resting period. Exercises like burpees, mountain-climber, donkey-kick, bridges will help in toning up the lower body and also reduce the waistline. The series of abs exercise will make the core look chiselled and help lose belly fat.

Tabata workout can be performed to tone up your body and lose fat. The four-minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) increases your heart rate and can be really challenging, however, it can help you lose fat. In the four-minute Tabata Workout, there are eight rounds of 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest after each subsequent workout. You can perform jumping jack, split-jump, burpee and mountain climber twice in four minutes, by performing each exercise for 20 seconds. Four to five sets of this 4 minutes HIIT workout should be performed within 30 mins for a good result. How to Reduce Body Fat in 4 Mins; Beginner's Guide for Tabata Workout at Home.

Wedding Cardio Workout For Bride 

Bridal Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Brides who have a very short span of time to lose weight should strictly refrain from eating processed food and refined sugar. Fruits and vegetables should incorporate major part of meals. Citric fruits like orange and sweet lime should be included as they help in cutting down fat and at the same time, the presence of essential vitamins help your skin glow. Black coffee should be taken twice a day for quick fat loss. Breakfast should compulsorily include oatmeals with two eggs. Your lunch can include two wheat roti or two slices of brown bread along with healthy green vegetables and a small cup of yoghurt. Dinner should be free from carbohydrates and salad with some protein should be eaten. The salad item should include lettuce leaves, red cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers, while for protein, boiled sprouts or vegetable soup with drumsticks or boiled chicken or roasted fish can be eaten.

It must importantly be noted that a strict diet plan will play a major role in transformation for the wedding day. Brides must try to avoid any cheat day and should strictly say no to junk food while travelling to places for shopping. It is also necessary to stay hydrated and take maximum sleep during this period for optimum result.

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