Natural extracts have become increasingly popular in the health and wellness industry, and with good reason. The majority of these extracts are advantageous for overall good health and wellness. These extracts are believed to have a wide range of benefits, including healing wounds and reducing inflammation, improving digestion, and even supporting a healthy heart. Additionally, they work wonders when combined to create the optimal skincare routine.

Benefits of using natural ingredients in your skincare routine

Nature has given us natural ingredients as a gift. These ingredients are loaded with vitamins and minerals important for both health and skin maintenance. Natural substances have also been utilized extensively by people for ages because they are devoid of poisons and harsh chemicals. However, adopting a healthy skincare routine is challenging due to modern, hectic lifestyles and the limited availability of such components. The cosmetics business is then required to supply products with chemicals that are ultimately bad for our skin. On the other hand, 3AM is a natural brand that offers natural extracts for the perfect skincare regimen.

3AM and its founder

3AM, a natural skincare brand, was founded by Samhitha G Inturi, a graduate who majored in Economics & Entrepreneurship.

She had the notion to establish her own business when she was a student. She had the opinion that because the skin is the largest and most important organ in the body, it is crucial to take good care of it, but in the modern world, this is time-consuming and challenging. That led to the development of 3AM, a skincare brand that would appeal to everything natural and simple in today's busy world.

The concept of "skin care" is promoted by 3AM through being a "3am friend" to your skin. 3AM is an FDA-approved, Made in India, Ecocert-certified, vegan, and cruelty-free brand.

Products and USP

3AM puts a special emphasis on bringing effective and long-lasting skincare options to help you build an ideal skincare routine. Each composition includes carefully chosen, clinically tested, and strategically blended components. For instance, Tvach soaps are moisturising because they are prepared with “oat milk” rather than the far more common goat milk. It succeeds in using the best natural options as a result. Additionally, the company's products are multipurpose and effective for a range of skin problems.

They also promote a minimalistic approach to skincare through their array of efficient yet simple products.

One of 3AM's all-time favourites is Speed Dial Face Mist, which serves as a toner, makeup setter, hydrating mist, and after-shave moisturiser. It provides all kinds of skincare, serums, body care, etc.

For anybody who favours a simple skin care regimen or something remarkable, the 3AM product range is essential. Samhita G. Inturi, the company's founder, is aware of all your skincare requirements and offers solutions in the shape of 3AM, your reliable 3AM companion. You're welcome to give it a try!