Mulund Hospital Tells Man He Has Only 24 Hours To Live After Wrong Diagnosis, Fined Rs 60 K
Hospital (Photo Credit: Pexels)

A recent incident appearing from Mulund made Aditi Hospital and Gokul Scan Centre, Mulund to pay Rs 51,000 they had collected as fees with an interest of 9%, as per reports by Times of India. A wrong diagnosis caused a 72-year-old now-deceased man and his family absolute panic, inconvenience and chaos in the year 2016. The wrong diagnosis said that the man only had 24 hours to live because he suffered from a tear in the aorta while he was only suffering from peptic ulcer. You might also want to read about the Mumbai Medical Negligence case, when a Rat ‘Nibbled’ an Eye of Comatose Patient at Government Hospital

Bachu Rao, the patient was bleeding from the mouth in the year 2016 when his family physician diagnosed that he was suffering from peptic ulcer. However, on February 24, 2016, when Bachu was taken to the hospital and respectively to the scanning centre, it was diagnosed by them that there was a tear in the aorta and only had 24 hours to live. In the second report, the diagnosis was reversed.

TOI further reported that Bachu had approached the Additional Mumbai Suburban District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum to lodge the complaint in the month of July, 2016 but unfortunately died while the case was pending. However his son, Sheshgiri, later represented him. Medical Negligence in Kanpur: 5 Deaths in ICU Due to AC Failure, Hospital Denies!

The wrong diagnosis had caused a lot of trauma and inconvenience to the family. And the forum saw that the both Aditi Hospital and Gokul Scan Centre in Mulund had not done their duties the right way and only when the patient was shifted to another hospital is when they issued a final report wherein they had reversed their previous opinion.