Sex Headache: Why It Happens and How To Treat It?
Sex Headache (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Whether it was in an old movie or out of your aunt's mouth, you have probably heard the old, cliché “Not tonight, I have a headache.” If you haven't, just know it’s referring to the old stereotype that women fake headaches to get out of sex. But turns out that there is a real connection between sex and headache and orgasm-induced headaches are more common than you might believe. There could be many possible reasons for such headaches, but all of them boils down to blood flow. Here's what triggers them.

Physical Activity

Both men and women can experience headaches brought on by sexual excitement or orgasms. While experts aren't sure what exactly causes the headache, they fall under the category of exertion-related headache which is triggered by physical activity.

Adrenaline Rush

Another theory is that the headache might be caused by the adrenaline that floods the body during the intense activity. The excitement causes adrenaline rush which results in orgasms, sometimes bringing on a headache. How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Have Sex? Find Out Which Position Is Good for Weight Loss

Coughing or Straining

Also, when you cough during an orgasm or strain in general, it can increase pressure in the head, which in turn, can trigger a headache. This kind of headache can feel like a dull ache in the neck or head or a throbbing headache that is triggered with orgasm. However, they do not last long and settle within minutes.

Heart problem

If you suffer from a heart problem, a headache could be a potential symptom. Sex headaches could also be a symptom of a stroke or a coronary artery disease. So consult your physician immediately without taking any chance. Yoga for Sex: Learn How to Improve Your Libido With Asanas

Birth Control Pills

Sometimes, these headaches could also be a result of birth control pills or medication use. If you're taking birth control and you're getting headaches during sex, ask your doctor to change your dosage. How Much Time Women Take to Orgasm and What is Their Favorite Sex Position? Find The Answers To All The Secret Questions on Love Making

Hormonal Fluctuations

As with migraines, sex headaches can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations. So if you are on a pill that delivers differing levels of hormones throughout the month, it may be a trigger. Steady-release birth control options such as patches and IUD are the safest bet for women who experience sex headaches.

Treating Sex Headaches

Unless you have a heart complication, you shouldn't be too alarmed. Taking ibuprofen before having sex might be able to dull any sensations and prevent those head pangs. You can improve your circulation and blood flow with a few lifestyle adjustments like exercising and eating a more healthy diet. Also, keep yourself hydrated to keep your brain and body cells healthy enough to ward off headaches.