If you are a new mother, you must be learning the hacks of breastfeeding every day. Breastfeeding can, however, be overwhelming with all the advice pouring. From what to eat and how to hold your baby, you must be wondering what's right and what's not. And no matter how careful you are, you can unintentionally end up doing things that affect lactation. Reduced milk supply is a genuine concern as it would mean less nutrition for your child. To help you out, we curated a list on all the things you should not do while breastfeeding. Read on!

1. Do Not Take Birth Control Pills

While breastfeeding is thought to decrease the chances of conception, it does not guarantee full protection against pregnancy. So while you might be wanting to get back on your birth control pills, remember that these pills can affect lactation to some extent. The estrogen-only birth control pills, can make a significant dip in your milk supply. However, even the combination birth control pills can have the same effect for some mums. You may want to make a switch to other contraceptive methods. How Breastfeeding Changes Your Breasts? From Sore Nipples to Dark Areolae, Here's How Feeding Your Child Can Affect Your Bosoms.

2. Do Not Pop Over-The-Counter Medications

Sure, you have a low immunity during pregnancy; it does not get better right after childbirth. So while you might want to take the over-the-counter medications to treat cold and cough, remember that it can make breastfeeding challenging. Sometimes, these over drugs can suppress the milk ducts leading to less milk supply for your baby. Always consult your doctor before taking any medications.

3. Do Not Skip Feeding at Night

You may try to help the child sleep through the night than feeding at night but Going without feeding your baby for too long may not be a great idea. Your milk production can drop in the morning. Plus, prolactin, the hormone associated with breast milk production, is secreted most night to meet your baby's needs. Even if you want your baby to sleep throughout the night, two to three feeds are essential to help your breasts produce milk and provide your baby with the required nourishment.

4. Do Not Load Up on Caffeine

That cuppa of joe might give a temporary boost to your energy levels but will harm your breastfeeding routine irreparably. Caffeine can affect your milk supply adversely and hinder your milk ducts from producing an adequate amount of milk. Breastfeeding Benefits: Why Breast Milk Is The Best Food Mothers Can Give Their Babies.

5. Never Introduce a Pacifier

You may be tempted to give your baby a pacifier when they cry. Avoid doing this as it can lead to nipple confusion. Using the pacifier for too long could make them suckle less at the breast. This would lead to less milk production and a decline in your milk supply over a period. Lactation Tea to Boost Breast Milk Supply: How Safe Are Herbal Teas For Breastfeeding?

Also, be sure that you talk to your doctor before consuming herbs like salvia and pudina for their health benefits as they can potentially affect your milk supply.

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