Weight Loss Tip Of The Week: How To Use Makhana (Fox Nuts) For Weight Loss (Watch Video)
Makhana for Weight Loss (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

How to lose weight, effectively? This is one of the most searched questions online. And no matter how much weight loss supplements may seem like the way to go, the right answer will always be some vital lifestyle changes. Most importantly a steady that is rich in protein, soluble fibre and healthy fats is what your body needs to get into the process of burning unhealthy stored fat. Moreover, it is important to also team that up with timely exercise and good mental health. However, when it comes to healthy diet for weight loss you must remember that apart from the three main meals you have in your day, your in-between snacks play an important role too.

It is important that you munch on healthy food items throughout the day to not ruin your weight loss journey. One of the most popular snacks for weight loss is Makhana (also known as fox nuts). These little crispy white dry fruit is tasteless but can do a lot of good to your weight loss routine. Famous dietician, Rujuta Divekar has always advocated simpler, local foods for effective weight loss. And Makhana is one of them. It was even said that Makhana is Kareena Kapoor's go to snack that helps her maintain that perfect figure to die for.

Makhana For Weight Loss

There are several reasons why Makhana is a perfect snack for weight loss. Right from being low in calories, the fox nuts are also low in carbs , sodium and almost nil in unhealthy fats, unless you opt for flavoured or fried Makhana. Makhanas are, infact, rich in healthy soluble fibre and healthy carbs that may give you just the right energy you need. About a medium bowl of makhana only has around 150 calories. Not just that makhanas are low in sodium so you don't even get the unhealthy water weight. The snack is also low in cholesterol, gluten-free and rich in protein.

How To Use Makhana For Weight Loss

Since Makhana does not have a distinct taste of it's own and is crunchy, you can really make it a healthy substitute to a bag of chips. You can use a mix of healthy spices and condiments to enhance it's taste but make sure to not over do it. You can simply toast it to enhance it's crunch as well. If you have a sweet tooth, you can try Makhana kheer made out of makhana boiled in milk and add jaggery to sweeten it.

Whatever way you prepare makhana to eat remember to not use excessive oil, ghee, cheese or butter. You might enhance the taste but it will be as good as eating a tub of cheese popcorn at the theater. Also, you don't want to eat Makhana in abundance and ask your doctor before eating it during pregnancy.