Flying Crabs Spotted in South China’s Yongxing Island as Citizens Prepare for Typhoon Wipha; Watch Video
Flying Crabs in China (Photo Credits: Twitter/XHNews)

On July 31, Hong Kong started preparing itself for potentially one of the worst storms. The indications show wind speeds could go from 63kmh to 117kmh. The Hong Kong Observatory also issued a thunderstorm warning. They received a No. 8 storm signal and the highest warning signal is 10. While the West is struggling with heatwaves, South China is bracing itself to fight an approaching storm. The situation is not only affecting the citizens but also the animals as the video tweeted of crabs flying in the wind on Yongxing Island goes viral. Climate Change in Mexico: Freak Hail Storm Strikes Mexican City of Guadalajara (Watch Video).

As the east welcomed monsoon, South China may face one of the worst storms. There might be flooding and rainstorms coming in the upcoming hours. According to the CNA, the statement given by the observatory on this reads, “There will be flooding in some low-lying and poorly drained areas. People who are likely to be affected should take necessary precautions to reduce their exposure to the risk posed by the heavy rain and flooding. The Gale or Storm Signal Number 8 is expected to remain in force for most of the rest of today.". On Wednesday, the city government reported five trees falling due to the storm. A video of crabs flying in the wind went viral and gave people some laughs in this tough time.

Flying Crabs in China

As the crabs tried to enter the water while walking over a wall, the wind sweeps them into some other side. Some have humorously called this a “new species”. While the crabs lightened the mood, the situation gets serious in Hong Kong. Schools were shut for the day and employees were urged to leave earlier to reach home safely. Flights were also delayed due to the weather conditions. Neighbouring parts like Macau are also expected to experience difficulties.