Twitter is a platform where we see new trends popping up every few days. It could be about couples, singles, love stories, funny memes and what not. One of the trends that is going on currently is "The Dad The Daughter" trend, where in daughters are posting pictures of their father along with themselves. A Twitter user took part in the trend and posted a picture of Osama Bin Laden as "the Dad". Now it is no surprise, that The World's Most Wanted Terrorist's daughter went viral on Twitter. But is she really his daughter? No, other Twitter users busted her stint. Noor Bin Ladin, Niece of Osama Bin Laden, Endorses Donald Trump in US Presidential Elections 2020; Know All About Al-Qaeda Terrorist's Kin.

The recent trend "The Dad, The Daughter" is going viral since the last few days with girls posting pictures of themselves along with their father. Some of them have made jokes too. It is very similar to the trend of "The Art vs The Artist" which went viral a few months ago. Now a Twitter user (@dntpreemeweirdo) decided to have some fun. She posted a picture of Osama Bin Laden as her dad, along with a photo of herself. With that name, the tweet went viral with over 79,000 likes and 10,000 plus retweets. Some people even believed it to be true.

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People even fell for it, believing how she is having a normal life on social media. Someone even suggested, she should write a book! People were marveling at her good looks too. But of course, she is not his daughter and people clearly fell for her "prank". A Twitter user posted a screenshot of her girl's Instagram story wherein she just laughed out the blow up.

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Some people felt betrayed after watching this, while others had a good laugh. Clearly, she is not Osama Bin Laden's daughter and just decided to be a part of a trend with a fun angle. The tweet literally blew up as most people believed it to be true. Osama Bin Laden is known to have allegedly fathered over 20 children, and it has been claimed he had at least five known wives throughout his lifetime. But this social media user is definitely not his daughter.

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