Rabiot, the 'psychic' octopus, who correctly predicted every result of Japan's World Cup group matches is chopped and eaten
Image Courtesy: Twitter/4269(ゴリラ的な)

An octopus called Rabiot is no more, he has been chopped up and sold in the seafood market, according to reports by DailyMail. Why is that a news you may ask? Reportedly, he was quite a famous octopus that had predicted the Japan Wrld Cup group stage correctly has garnered major headlines. According to reports this octopus that was caught near the island of Hokkaido was also referred to as 'psychic' due to his 'ability' to predict the outcome of Japan's matches against Poland, Columbia and Senegal.

However, the result of the knockout match against that is soon going to be held will not be predicted by this octopus because he is no more. At first, it was a picture of an octopus hanging in the market that went viral. There was no assurance that it was the picture of Rabiot, the 'psychotic' octopus but as reported by DailyMail, it was later confirmed.

Take a look at the picture that went viral.

According to reports, the octopus had its own unique way to predict the results and it made Rabiot extremely famous. He used to be put into a paddling pool divided into three sections. Out of the three sections one was considered to be Japan's victory, the other section was considered to be the opponent's victory and the third one, draw. To whichever section the octopus would choose to swim towards, would be considered the prediction from the octopus of that team's victory.