A Russian YouTuber's sick way of earning money online by live streaming an 'abusive' stunt has cost the life of his girlfriend. Russian YouTuber Stas Reeflay forced his girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva to stand only in her underwear, nearly naked in freezing sub zero temperatures. The 28-year-old was pregnant and Reeflay was apparently paid $1,000 (£740) by a viewer to inflict abuse on her, as per local reports. Valentina reportedly died of hypothermia and the cameras were still rolling as he tried to revive her. He has now been arrested for his cruelty towards her. YouTuber Akatsukito’s Account Gets Terminated After Video of Him Abusing & Killing His Cat Sparked Outrage Online.

Reeflay - real name Stanislav Reshetnikov, was at their rented space in Ivanovka village, near Moscow. According to a report by local Baza media, he was paid by a viewer to inflict abuse on her during his live broadcast. Valentina, who he lovingly called Vally was in the early stages of pregnancy. But Reeflay, made her stand just in her underwear in subzero temperatures outside. The video shows him carrying her back into the house and trying to revive her. He keeps saying, "Valya are you alive? My bunny, what’s up with you?" He even mentions that she looks like she is dead. Meanwhile, the boradcast continued as thousands of viewers watched it online. YouTuber Chris Monroe Kisses His Sister In a 'Prank' Video, Horrified Fans Trash Him on Social Media.


The paramedics arrived and pronounced her dead, while the camera was still capturing it all live. Apparently, the broadcast continued two hours after she had already passes away. Reeflay is said to make money from online "donations" where he exhibits such acts on his girlfriend. In one of his previous videos, he sprayed her with pepper spray! If forensic experts prove she died of hypothermia, he will face up to two years in prison.

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