The annual tradition of whale hunting in Denmark’s Faroe Islands has once again shaken the animal activists across the world. This year’s legal whaling was caught on camera last week and the photos are extremely disturbing.  A total of 23 whales were killed in the bay of Hvalvik. Read the entire story here.

A European tourist slipped and fell to death from Yosemite Waterfall in California. 21-year-old, Lucian Miu who is a native of Romania was visiting the national park when he met his end. The incident happened on July 31, 2019.

Video of a bat flying inside a Spirit Airlines flight from North Carolina to Newark has gone viral on social media. The clips show people laughing and screaming as the bat bounces inside the cabin.Watch the video here:

A hilarious moment of a playful African elephant has been captured and shared online, cracking up the netizens. The viral clip shows the animal trying to remove a woman's bikini after she stands right next to it at a Safari Park.Watch the Viral Video:

Boarding a Mumbai local train is not any cakewalk. And a viral video once again proved that. Amid the crazy crowd,  the man can be seen struggling every bit to get inside the train. However, he failed miserably. His stunt to board the train reminds people of Superman, as he is spotted floating in the air, with his grip tight in the train's railing.Watch the Viral Video:

A video of a lizard's funeral is cracking up the netizens. The clip, posted on Twitter, shows the memorial reception of the reptile and arrangement of cookies, cheese, crackers and gift baskets were up for the guests, who attended it. The funeral also includes a handmade cardboard sign that reads "Thank you for your support". Read the full story here.Watch the Viral Video:

Firefighters in Massachusetts spent two hours trying to save a racoon after it got stuck in a sewer grate. And the photo of the racoon sticking its head out of the grate, as if seeking help, is sure to melt your hearts. Read the full story here.View Pic: 

The BJP Government announced the revocation of Article 370 as well as Article 35(A) this morning. As Home Minister of India, Amit Shah announced the historic decision in Rajya Sabha, people on social media began to praise the initiative. The state of Jammu and Kashmir will now be two separate Union Territories with a legislative assembly, and Ladakh will be a UT without a legislature. Read the full story here.Check out the tweets:

A video has been shared on Instagram which shows a dog blending in with a herd of chickens. There are a lot of chickens pecking in a garden and among them is a dog, probably guarding the herd. But his fur colour matches those of chickens and it is just funny to see him sitting among the group.

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You cannot be perfect in everything, sometimes in something very basic too. A Twitter thread is discussing the blind spots in life skills and people have made interesting revelations about things they still cannot master. You may be able to relate to some.Check some Like Skill Blind Spots of People:

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Its a start to the new week and Monday blues might have gotten to some of you already. For some, it is an extended weekend as parts of India are currently experiencing a terrible shower of rain. Flood like situations have arisen in several states and the financial capital of Mumbai literally crippled over the weekend with heavy rains splashing across the city. But if you are up and about headed for work, then Monday Motivation is up for you all. Twitterati is sharing positive quotes and messages on this Monday morning, encouraging everyone for a good start to the week. All those trends on social media, from viral videos to funny memes will be covered in this section throughout the day.

In India, it is a significant Monday yet again because today marks Shravan Somwar along with the celebration of another festive occasion of Nag Panchami. Devotees perform puja of the snakes who are referred to as Naag Devta. It is an auspicious Monday to worship Lord Shiva, visit his temples and seek his blessings.

Following a heavy spell of rains over the weekend, schools and colleges have been ordered to stay shut for the day by the government. So like we mentioned earlier, it is an extended holiday for the students, who we are sure are happy about the rains giving them a day off. But throughout the day, other than just India, whatever trends on Twitter, or if a video goes viral, if there are many funny reactions and memes made on something, we will try and keep you covered. Stay tuned with us to know all about the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day. Hope you have a great start to the week!