Another week is almost over now as we arrive on Saturday, the most awaited days of the week for those who can take an off from their mundane work and spent some quality time with their family. To those who cannot, it is just another day. But for us, it is also a time to look back at those viral moments that kept us hooked on the internet. This week, the NYC toddler besties, Maxwell and Finnegan entertained their fans on social media, after they were spotted walking down the street, hand-in-hand and wearing face masks, giving a message to everyone on the importance of taking precautions. Again, the ‘Charlie bit my finger,’ siblings all grown up, have recreated their old video that was one of the first to go viral. Without any further delay, let us look at the seven clips that spread joy across the internet.

1. ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Siblings

These two brothers, Harry Davies-Carr and Charlie Daviss-Carr, were one of the first viral sensations after the younger sibling bit his elder brother. ‘Charlie bit my finger,’ and that phrase and scene, was once again recreated by the brothers as they spoke about, how it is to become a viral sensation.

2. Lunch Box Made of Bamboo

On July 6, Indian Forest Service (IFS) Sudha Ramen, shared a video of a bamboo tiffin carrier and it soon caught the netizens’ attention. The tiffin box made in Manipur, was hailed as an eco-friendly product, praising artisan skills.

3. Tiger, the Cat ‘Paw-Dips’ in Jug of Milk

A cheeky cathedral cat, named Tiger, ‘paw-dips’ on the Minister’s jug of milk, while he was live-streaming morning prayers. The Dean of Canterbury in the UK, Dr Robert Willis, was telling viewers about the gospel of St Mark. And it was when the furry visitor decided to jump on the tea table and dip its paw to the jug of milk.

4. Fish With Human Face

A fish with human-like jaw and sharp teeth was spotted in Malaysia. Pictures and video of the weird-looking fish were shared on social media, and its unique look is freaking everyone out. The fish in question is Triggerfish.

5. NYC Toddler Besties Maxwell and Finnegan

These two adorable kids, aka NYC toddler besties, made an appearance on the internet and won hearts again. Walking down the street, hand in hand, Maxwell and Finnegan were spotted wearing masks, talking in gibberish, giving viewers to note the importance of precautionary, even while hanging out with bestie.

6. South Sudan Diplomat Urinates Live During Panel Discussion

A video shows a South Sudanese diplomat ruining during a live Facebook panel discussion. It has sparked outrage with people calling him out as irresponsible and his behaviour unacceptable. The original clip has reportedly been deleted; its copy is going viral on social media.

7. CarryMinati’s New Video ‘The Art of Bad Words’

Whenever the YouTuber is uploading a new video these days, it seems like it automatically goes viral, with netizens significantly talk about it. In this clip, he roasted YouTube and its policies, and it was no surprise to see his video giving rise to funny memes and jokes on social media.

These are the videos that went viral on social media, spreading joy and laughter across the internet. While we continue to adjust in this ‘new normal life,’ let us also wait to see what the upcoming week has to unfurl upon us. Happy Weekend!

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