2018 FIFA World Cup: The Offside Trap Video By Japanese Players Tricking Senegal Forwards Goes Viral as Best Strategy
Sadio Mane of Senegal hugs Maya Yoshida of Japan following the 2018 FIFA World Cup match between Japan and Senegal. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Group 'H' stage match between Japan and Senegal, which proved to be a neck to neck contest resulting in a draw with both the teams tied at 2-2 produced some memorable football and tweets as well. The match was played in the Yekaterinburg stadium and the audience was thoroughly entertained. However, one particular aspect of the game stood out which was picked up by Twitter.

A tweet with a Giff went viral claiming to be the best offside trap ever. Before we get into that argument, first let's have a look at the tweet:

But fans soon started sharing their own take on the Giff image by posting other videos:

Few also supported the earlier claim of it being the best trap ever:

A few begged to differ:

Now it may be a matter of argument if the trap was indeed the greatest ever but the game between Japan and Senegal sure proved to be a delight for the fans and added to the already interesting group stage. What the match has done for both the teams is that they now get to decide their own fate courtesy the tie.